(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

As cyber-attacks of the most popular, far-reaching and long in their loss, seems far more important that you and your employees your company statistics for everything possible. To protect sensitive information often is often overlooked for more attention to password security.

In the digital age are precious passwords to prevent unauthorized access, currency, and using a strong password is required. “They say the Federal Bar Association Executive Director of seeing King.” Customer statistics, client files, medical records, employee the ability to move files. Valuable and sensitive information, financial records and other “new world” of the legal risks is presented. ”

So, you are so that you can take to protect yourself and your business?

The password should be unique and interesting.

You have to create and easy to regain the word trend to attack them. If you are going in the security system, you want to do it, OK? The effective password is long (8 or more characters) and upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols, as well as collect.

Use a long password

Protect your password length can increase rapidly. A strong password should be at least eight characters, which is recommended as the standard 12-14. With the investment, alphabet letters and symbols to use a mix of keeping the faith.

Not that your password again.

Do not use the same password for more than one site. If you do, when a stolen password, it can be used to understand more than one accounts. Think about a system that understands you, but is not easily by others, you have to different The Word.

Save your password.

If you must write your password not saved as it is electronic. If your computer is the hack, you do your “password” to access all of your accounts at a concrete document provided to the criminal. Save the passwords in a safe place, such as any written safely.

Confirm two or multiple element factors.

Your login credentials to add an extra step for you is to increase security. It’s a fingerprint may be sent to you over the phone, a pen, or a security question that you need to answer. If you have an extra layer of protection, the stolen credentials can be useless to a thief. Check the settings of your accounts and add the MFA, if available.

Avoid automatic login feature.

Identity protection experts, Deputy Michael bimmer says it can help save you time and frustration, but to save automatically, log information, including passwords, including possibly can hack your company. (Therefore, you “remember password” feature to use want to avoid.)

See that you share online.

On social media or your personal life and the other place in the world for password security questions to assess the vision and can respond. This Guile speed for effective attacks also provides information on cyber crime to start. Aoverarngang is an exhibition for cybercrime.

Change your password

Thinking about the value of changes in the word have prepared. If you are going to strengthen, you should change your password, but it is possible to change very often as a result of the word or password again or have weak if you have patience and creativity. Obviously, if the event that your password is known, it is advised to use it, change it in every way.