(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Provide solutions for companies for years in the auto join. I have prepared detailed presentations and events is that to avoid to be hacked repeatedly by our staff and customers are aware of the dindge concern. So far, a few weeks ago I came close to being a second!

What happened? Parking for your car, you may be able to get tickets in the charge card was in Chicago to use parking meters. Card for the first time failed to try, but some went at the end. I have zero degrees freezing weather and event parking meters recognized. Seconds later I wrote the text, “your card is restricted. Please call us 312-985-5635. “when my card was hacked in the past, received the same e-mail from visa was.

“312” a Chicago area code, and I felt that the car has a maximum visa meter was concerned about so I had to phone number but was defeated. Instead, I have called the number behind your card Visa. So said my card holders was not everything was well. Always call the number on the back of the card! View-never does not protect you. The above is a simple can it agree that this real and logical. I did a Web search on the phone number, and it is quite sure that this is a well-known Askam phone number.

What are some common ways that you can protect yourself?

  1. Avoid fishing. At the global level are forwarded to the 156 million daily. A 10% reduction for Askam and share your personal information. A great recreational value immediately or any e-mail practices, particularly with a link. A popular letter a cunning trick email address used only changed one letter. When in a hurry (and who is not), it is easier to click on them. Do you click on an email from DisneyyWorld.com complete with a picture of Mickey test will check your presentation will complete with vacation?

2. Avoid text messages a smile. Fishing, but as the text itself.

3. Use several security programs and update often. Only one program may not agree. Updates are not because new viruses come out every day like this.

4. When surfing keep out of “attractive sites”. If you have a horrible feeling that there is something wrong but what is already on this site-click, an easy way to check that it is secure. Lock on the top-left of your browser in Internet Explorer, click the picture of the apply. Authentication certificates will be examined on this site that it will tell you that it is. If the site is fine, it will say, “this certificate is OK.” This means that whatever he does say. If you are on Chrome, you will need to click and go to more tools consists of 3, click a few layers to find security. Some browsers do not support this function. Be careful when you click on the surfing power.

5. Create a better password. 2 use authentication factor. Never do not store the password on your computer. And various refresh as passwords. Use 20 characters or more. If you can no longer with to all these things, then at least pick up a couple things to be much better than whatever.

6. We all know about messages from friends of a lover. Some emails are answered what you were sent. More than an interesting link that you never want to click. Well, writing this I just received one of them. Very common. It is easy to click in a hurry. Look carefully before you click.

7. Law enforcement on your computer while surfing off the computer of viruses shows how the is a scary message. Ransomware is closed by you. Do not pay. This will not be the difference.

8. “Pop-up” advertisements to tell you to ignore the computer virus was detected. Often you have to click to tell and will be removed to the virus.
Hacking/virus are a very serious problem. Usually, you take the proper precautions and move forward in the process of a simple thought before it can be saved from all kinds of situations. Each day of creating through them quickly so quick clicks are very common and these hear. The material before it to respond in any way to read all emails and text messages and completely review for ever better. If you don’t have time to measure well, the message will not get the time to read it until you leave. Update your antivirus and keep surf safely!