(Last Updated On: October 5, 2017)

In this tutorial i gonna tell you about Deep Malware Scan in your system. Before Continue i want to tell you some little information so you will be understand what’s going on. in this tutorial we gonna use a software that called “netstatagent it’s a security tool and help us to find all details about file.

Features of Netstatgent

  • Monitors TCP and UDP connections on your computer. Each new or old connection is highlighted. NetStat Agent allows you to hide unimportant connection
  • IPv6 connections monitoring and logging
  • The program provides you with ability to configure special rules to close unwanted connections, terminate the process, play the sound alert and run the third party software like console ping.exe or tracert.exe.
  • Shows all available information like the remote address of connection, hostname, local and remote ports, the owning process, the process folder, DLL modules used by process and etc.
  • Ipconfig tool shows your network environment including the information on DNS servers, the address of DHCP server, the type of adapter, the MAC address and the list of IP addresses used by your computer. Read More

As i share some features of netstatagnet you can read more this is awesome tool for white hat or malware security research.


Download NetStatAgent From Official Website

After Download You can use NetStatAgent tool. but if you want to register this tool you can follow these setps

How To Register NetStatAgent

  1. When You install its will be located on “C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexbyte Software\NetStat Agent”
  2. You need to Download This Register file and need to replace with netstatagent.exe file

deep scan malware in your system full guide

3. You Software is registered You can use it for life time

Ok now we need move on Anti Malware Scan need to find a file full information “Deep Malware Scan in Your System

  1. Click On NetStat Button
  2. Check Your file which you have don’t idea how it’s install on your system

deep scan malware in your system full guide

3. click on Trace Button And Start Tracing

deep scan malware in your system full guide

Using Tracer you can trace malware server location and easily can easily complain.

The first Part i tell you NetStat using this you can find all malware on your system and tracer will help you to track Hacker Malware Creator so hop you will understand how you can deep malware scan in your system if you want to learn Remove Malware From System You can read this article and can remove malware from you system that is how a White Hat Secure System From Malware if you any question ask me