(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

Hello Friends Welcome to Quick Malware Today I tell you how you can secure from Malware if you don’t know about Malware Read Ok so let’s start

Before Open / Run Any File Must Check

  1. You Must Install Antivirus in your system
  2. Before run your file check file size if file size have some KB don’t run without scan
  3. Don’t use USB Drive without scan 60% malware infect from USB drive

Ok this all sine for Software if you download file or software using internet you need to must follow these steps before run or install your program now I tell you something about website

Website Malware Attacks

This malware is very use full many attackers are using for hack your accounts

  1. When you visit some website or download something on the internet a when you visit or download a file a new tab is open and ask her download this extension to download your file or visit this website this is high Java Script Malware Attack don’t install add-on else you will be hacked
 how to secure your system from malware.png
how to secure your system from malware.png

This add-on look like this if you say this add-on without Chrome app store don’t install

  1. Some time you notice your friend send you a website link who look like same Facebook but it’s not Facebook it’s a fake website when you login your email account and password will be hacked this attach called phishing its type a malware
  2. This malware attack is very dangerous , if someone send you a website link and you open it after open your website link in back end a malware will be run or attacker are able to hack your system so always active your antivirus if your antivirus block website then don’t try to open it
 how to secure your system from malware.png
how to secure your system from malware.png

To secure your account if you get website look like Facebook enter wrong login information and you will see they will said thanks for login


So friends this is the little some Malware attack I will share your more things related malware so you need to follow my instruction then no one can hack you , and your account system will be safe hope you like this article so don’t forget share this article with your friends family if you have any question related this article you comment bellow as soon as possible I will be reply J